Alex Lynn

I probably emailed you or sent you a linkedin message. Have no fear, I'm a passionate and friendly ecommerce consultant. I help brands maximize their Conversion Rate through customer experience strategy and buyer psychology.

About Me

What's my origin story? Where does my passion for ecommerce business strategy come from? I realized recently that I without a doubt have my mom to thank for this.

When I was a kid we'd be driving around and see closing businesses frequently in our neighborhood.

"Why didn't they try to expand their delivery area? Or open on the weekends or try a different pricing model?" One of us would blurt out.

My mother and I would go back and forth on a marketing brainstorm session for as long as the ride would last about what could've been for this closing business.

To this day, I love to think this way. My wife rarely gets through a grocery store trip without me commenting on brand packaging, positioning, or even if the location of a cooler in our local deli is best optimized for conversion.

This passion led me down a few different paths but ultimately I fell in love with ecommerce. I've worked as a manager for Shopify stores and then a consultant. It grew on me so much I decided to start my very own business around this concept. Helping ecommerce businesses improve their customer experience to make more revenue per visitor and increase conversion rate.

How do I work with Clients?

Shopify Growth Package - please note I'm only working with clients who's Ecommerce websites are doing at least $500,000/year in revenue due to traffic requirements of a/b testing.

  • A/B Testing - I use Google Optimize to conduct tests on content, copy, and the entire user experience in order to raise conversion rate (the rate visitors make a purchase)

  • Development Support - We can help implement the changes we are suggesting

  • Google Anatlyics- accurate tracking, enhancement, and analysis to drive your business forward.

  • Average Order Value- Full Implementation and strategy to increase average order value 10% in the first month.

  • Weekly Strategy Calls - No hiding behind computers, let's talk and make sure we're making progress for your business each week.

  • Slack Support I work a lot 😃

Client Testimonials

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